April 2024

Transforming Commercial Spaces

During the firm's 30 year history, DBVW Architects has worked on many commercial projects to design engaging spaces that bring clients and their customers together. Whether we are working on a tenant fit-out project, an open-concept office for a start-up, or a new corporate headquarters, we take the time to understand the culture of the company so we can design spaces that are tailored to the end user. DBVW has decades of experience creating diverse commercial space with our recent projects at BankRI and Falvey Insurance Group being the newest on the list.

New Branch, Newport, RI

DBVW worked closely with BankRI to design a new branch location in an existing commercial space. Custom digital wall coverings and walnut finishes blend the new design for the interior with the historic Newport neighborhood outside. From the welcoming outer lobby with wood-framed ATMs, to the teller counters and conference rooms, every detail is carefully considered and reinforces a strong sense of design throughout the space.

Falvey Insurance Group 
Renovations to Corporate Offices, North Kingstown, RI 

The first-floor expansion and renovation of the Falvey Insurance Group corporate headquarters focused on breaking the mold of traditional and formal office settings to create a collaborative space for more engagement among employees. A modern and open concept features views of the Jamestown Bridge to attract the workforce back to the office after an extended period of remote work. The new large gathering and dining space surrounded by glass engages the open workstations and remodeled offices while also capitalizing on the building’s proximity to Narragansett Bay.