Yale Connecticut Hall

The oldest existing structure and only surviving colonial era building at Yale University, Connecticut Hall (1750-52) is one of the finest remaining examples of Georgian architecture on a New England college campus. Originally a near duplicate of Harvard University’s Massachusetts Hall (1719-20), Connecticut Hall has undergone a series of modifications over the course of its life. Though the current form closely matches the original – a brick building four stories in height, with a gambrel slate shingle roof punctuated by dormers – the fenestration had been modified over time creating eight different double-hung window types, some of which are believed to be original to the building. DBVW completed a full restoration of the building envelope in 2019. This project involved restoring of all of the wood windows and shutters, adding storm windows with insect screens, repointing all of the masonry, replacing severely deteriorated brownstone with local, salvaged brownstone, and replicating historic carvings at the replaced brownstone units.

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