Taunton City Hall Interior and Exterior Signage

DBVW Architects designed the City of Taunton’s new municipal complex. The project involved the restoration of Taunton’s fire-damaged historic 1896 City Hall building and the creation of two large new additions respectful of the original building’s historic character. DBVW designed all interior and exterior signage to complement the building and to reflect the town’s distinguished history. A signature part of the project is the City Walk that converts a would-be alley way into an inviting and educational main connector for pedestrians navigating from the cityside to the riverside of the building. DBVW worked with Taunton’s Old Colony Museum to curate a series of historic photographs to be placed on environmental graphic panels. Each graphic panel highlights key milestones within the city’s history to both inform and create a sense of communal pride. Throughout the project, DBVW’s graphic designer collaborated with our architectural and interiors staff and the City of Taunton to design inspiring and timeless signage and graphics for this prominent public building.

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