Saint George’s Chapel

DBVW Architects has been working with St. George’s School on the restoration of this historic gothic revival chapel at the center of its scenic campus. In order to develop a prioritized restoration plan that the school could use for long-range planning and fundraising, DBVW Architects began their work with a full assessment of this iconic building. Multiple phases of restoration work have been completed to address water infiltration and stone deterioration issues. To date, the batten seam, lead-coated copper roof has been carefully replicated and the limestone at the east wall has been fully restored, including reconstruction of two fifty foot tall buttresses using new Indiana limestone that matches the original stone. A beautiful, new stained glass altar window was installed in the restored east façade. Future phases will restore the other elevations, as well as the interior of this highly-ornamented limestone Chapel.

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During and after restoration

Stained glass restoration