Plymouth Town Hall Interior and Exterior Signage

DBVW Architects designed a new municipal complex for the Town of Plymouth that consists of the restoration of a historic Courthouse and a large new addition that serves as Plymouth Town Hall. DBVW designed all interior and exterior signage to complement the New England vernacular style of the building and to reflect the town’s distinguished history. Wayfinding signage in the building is enhanced by the use of distinct colors for each floor, which is in keeping with the interior design choices. Each of the meeting rooms in the building has been given its own identity with hand-sketched images that were inspired by the rooms’ names. These sketches were used to create large-scale graphics that were applied to each meeting room’s glass door. Throughout the project, DBVW’s graphic designer collaborated with our architectural and interiors staff and the Town of Plymouth to design inspiring and timeless signage and graphics for this prominent public building.

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