Lowell Community Health Center Wayfinding and Donor Signage

The new Lowell Community Health Center occupies 100,000 square feet of space in the historic Hamilton Mill. In addition to designing interior and exterior renovations, DBVW Architects also provided wayfinding and donor signage design for the Health Center. One of the main challenges of the project was creating a wayfinding system that would be understood by the diverse group of patients the Health Center serves. Patients at LCHC speak over 25 languages. Developing signage that contains vibrant yet soothing colors and peaceful images from nature was part of the solution. Patients who use the Health Center are also aided by bold directional graphics and signage that assists them in navigating the building’s six floors. All materials were chosen for both their beauty and their durability, as this building is open six days a week and is heavily used by the community.

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“(DBVW’s) staff - from top to bottom - is a hardworking, creative and personable group, and I would highly recommend them for any important, complex project that requires talented and dedicated people to see it through. They are loyal and devoted architects, which cannot be undervalued.”

- Dorcas Grigg-Saito, CEO, Lowell Community Health Center