September 2020

Two DBVW Projects Receive 2020 Doris Duke Awards

Not one, but two DBVW projects were chosen by the Newport Restoration Foundation for 2020 Doris Duke Preservation Awards: International Tennis Hall of Fame and BankNewport!

Every year the Doris Duke awards recognize exceptional historic preservation efforts within Newport and across Aquidneck Island. We are honored to have been involved with two out of the three projects chosen this year and we would like to extend our congratulations to the clients, contractors, consultants, and communities that made these exciting projects successful.

International Tennis Hall of Fame, Frieze Restoration // Newport RI

DBVW assisted the International Tennis Hall of Fame with restoring a lost portion of the Newport Casino’s historic fabric. The Casino’s decorative frieze, a horizontal board with sculpted ornament, was removed in the early 20th century. Due to significant deterioration, the original medallions that adorned the frieze were unsalvageable. Restoring the frieze involved the meticulous and skilled replication of 38 different medallions. Each medallion was painstakingly hand carved to replicate the original medallions. The restored frieze returns a piece of Newport's history to its historic downtown for all to enjoy.

BankNewport // Newport, RI

BankNewport hired DBVW to assist with restoring their 90 year old flagship building. The restoration carefully balanced respecting the historic character of the building while supporting modern day banking technology.